The Reference Point, Home Page

• Buying Guide
Simple buying advice on computers, broadband.
• Solutions & Fixes
Got a slow running computer ? Then find out here what steps you can take to speed it up.
• Internet
Online Banking to finding long lost friends, find out how.
• Email
Send emails with attachments, reply to emails and all sorts of stuff.
• Microsoft Office
Learn all about Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
• Digital Photography
Take proper photos, transfer them to your computer, enhance
• Safe Computing
Anti Virus Software, Spam information, keeping your system safe and trouble free.
• News
of IT news from the press, in a language you can understand.
• Entertainment
Fun, that`s what computers were designed for! What games can you play that`ll get you addicted ?
• Open Office
A free open source software package
• Silver Surfer Sites
Websites we have checked, and recommend for further learning. They may even offer groups.




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