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Computer News
Explained in our famous down to earth English, let us trawl through the masses of Computer jargon and news out there, we`ll only include it, if it makes any difference to your lifes, or ours for that!!

Photography News
This world doesn`t move at the same lightening pace, but we`ll bring you anything major and worthy of note. Again, we`ll add more lessons into our big library, and let you know what new skills you can learn for free!!

Video News
We`ve recently added Video Making skills into our Guides. It`s a black art, but you`ll be able to produce your own videos soon, and understand, it isn`t actually that tricky! Again, we`ll keep it basic, and let you know of anything interesting, and of new lessons we add.

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Tales from the Garage
A light hearted look at technology, and all things that`ll make you laugh. This can be anything. Again, if you have any funny stories we can feature, please send them in, and you`ll all be entered into a prize draw to win a free DVD of your choice.



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