Easy Install of Apple Quicktime
Actions to take

1. Click on GO
This will start a Quicktime Movie test, if you see a short movie, then great, we have success, and you can start learning straight away.

Click on Go

2. Internet Explorer - Security Warning
This is a security measure, to make sure you are aware you will be installing as new piece of software on your computer.

Click on Install

3. Quicktime Unavailable
Stating your computer needs to have Quicktime Installed.

Click on Yes

4. Apple Quicktime Download
You will now be at the Apple Quicktime Download site. Sorry, but we are unable to show the screen shots from the website.

Select quicktime 7.x.x for windows xp or vista
In the signup options, un-select both tick boxes


5.Take the Freedownload Option
To start the free download option, click on Download Now

Click on free download now


6 .File Download - Security Warning
You are being warned a program is about to be loaded onto your computer.

Click on run

7. Internet Explorer- Security Warning
It`s time to install QuickTime onto your computer now.

Click on run

8. QuickTime for Windows
You are being warned a program is about to be loaded onto your computer.

Click on next
click on yes
Click on install

9. Sit back and relax
You have done the hard part, it should take about 1-2 minutes to install.



10. QuickTime for Windows
Great, that was easy then!!! Last two options then...

click on finish
click on no thanks


11. Success, test your work out
You are now ready to go learn all about computers and the internet.

well done



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