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  Getting help is easy...

1. Membership and Signing up
Joining is easy, paying for membership is obviously harder. So, that`s why we allow to trial the Learning Lounge first. Sign up clicking on the link to the right..
2. Viewing the Subjects
All subjects we cover are mainstream programs, and you can list them all by clicking below. Then, select the lesson you want and click on the title. You will then see a list of available lessons. Remember to click on the arrows for a bigger selection.
3. Viewing a Lesson
Once you have a list of lessons, select the lesson you want to watch, and click on the title. A seperate smaller window will then open up. You can use the 'space bar' to pause\start the lesson, or the controls at the base of the lesson.
4. Adding a favourite lesson
If you have joined, you can keep a list of all your favourite lessons. Whilst watching a lesson, click on the icon in the bottom left hand corner.
5. Searching the Lessons
If you are looking for something specific, then it would be eaiser to search for it. Enter your word into the search box, click on the arrow. When your results are displayed, you can then watch the lesson by clicking on the title.
6.The Learning Lounge
In here you can access all parts of the website. When you join up, you will get more navigation options.
Full Membership Help...
7. Requesting a lesson
We will create any lesson you would like, if we deem it feasible. Fill out your request with as much detail as possible. We will then complete your lesson request within 2 weeks, and email you when it is available for all to see.
8. Creating your own Notes
You may have your own style of writing instructions, or simply need to have it written down to remember. Click on 'Your Notes', to add a note, click on the plus icon. You will need to create your own subjects, so click on 'Add a subject'. Create your subject, click on Add subject now and go ahead and create your own note to yourself. Your notes are not visible outside your membership.
9. Going back on your history
So you can return to previously viewed lessons, you can go back and see your viewing history. It is displayed in date order, with your most recent lesson at the top. To view a lesson again, click on the title of the lesson.
10. Your Home Setup
So you can only view the subjects you have on your computer, you can specify which programs are relevant to you.

     Help & Instructions

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Request your own lessons

  • Keep your own favourites

  • Look back at your viewing history

  • Be informed when new lessons are added

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