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Getting started is easy...

1. Free Download & Install Apple Quicktime
Your very 1st lesson. To watch the lessons, you must have Apple Quicktime installed on your computer. You may already have it, so click on QuickTime install below to start. It is free to run.

QuickTime Install

2. Go to the Learning Lounge
Once you have QuickTime installed, you are ready to learn. The best place to start is the Learning Lounge, so click on Go to Lounge below to start on your voyage of discovery.

Go to Lounge

3. See the Help pages for more in depth instructions
It is worth reading the help pages once you`ve had a quick stay in the Learning Lounge. In the help pages, you will learn what you can do, and how to get the best out of your stay in the Home Computer Learning Lounge.

Help Section




     Help & Instructions

  • Unlimited access to all lessons

  • Request your own lessons

  • Keep your own favourites

  • Look back at your viewing history

  • Be informed when new lessons are added

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