Frequently Asked Questions
+ Do I need a computer to view the DVD ?
No. The DVD was designed primarily to run on a DVD player and to be watched on a TV
+ Do I need to know anything about computers before I buy and use the DVD ?
No. We guide you through the process of selecting, buying, setting up and using a computer explaining all terms in non technical terms.
+ How is this different from other training DVDs ?
Don`t use the word training. We see it as a guide. We use different ways of conveying information. We have sections which are presenter led, some are demonstrations showing how things work and fit together, we have graphical representations, and we have real life situations demonstrated..
+ How long is the DVD ?
Approx 350 minutes. That`s almost 6 hours!
+ How much does it cost ?
£14.50 ( + £2.00 postage and packing )
+ I am technically challenged. Will I be able to connect a PC together ?
Don`t worry. If you can connect up and use a DVD player then you will find that connecting up a computer is no more challenging.
+ I am very busy. I don`t have time to learn about computers and the internet
The DVD is designed so that you can dip in and dip out. So even if you only have 10 minutes to spare you can use your time to learn just a little bit more or repeat a lesson you don`t quite understand.
+ I am worried about actually buying a computer will this DVD help ?
It certainly will. We have devised a shopping list that is simple and straight forward to complete ( We guide you through the process ) You will be able to take this shopping list to a supplier with confidence and get the computer that is right for your needs.
+ I can`t concentrate for very long. How will I ever remember all that information ?
No problem. 90% of the lessons on the DVD are under 10 minutes long and the DVD has great menu system which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.
+ I don`t understand all that technical speak about memory and hard disks.
We use very few technical terms and any we do use are explained fully.
+ I have a basic knowledge of computers. Will this DVD help me ?
It will definitely help anyone with a basic knowledge of computers. The DVD covers an introduction to many computing topics from the Internet to Digital Photography in just enough depth to get you started or improve your knowledge.
+ When people talk about computers they seem to use a different language.
We have a section on jargon words that explain almost 100 of the most commonly used terms. You could soon be talking fluent computer speak.
+ Can I try the web lessons before I buy ?
Yes. There will be 1 months free trial when you register on the website.
+ How much does access to the website cost ?
Membership of the website is available at a small annual cost. Check website for details.
+ How will I know when new lessons are added ?
A list of new lessons will be included in the monthly email news letter.
+ I don`t quite understand one of the lessons and need to repeat it. How can I access it quickly ?
Use the Favourites section. Add it your favourites and access it quickly as often as you like. It can be deleted from your Favourites when it is no longer required.
+ What is the Notes section ?
Like to jot down something important you have learned. Just use the Notes section. It`s better than using pen and paper and you wont forget where that all important note is.
+ What will membership of the website give me ?
It will give you full access to all online lessons. Currently over 100. You will also be able to make notes, list your favourite lessons, keep track of the lessons you have done, suggest new lessons, and get informed when ever new lessons are added.
+ Who are you sponsored by ?
Nobody, we are totally independant. Our products (DVD and Website) have not been endorsed by anybody, apart from ourselves of course!!
+ Will I be able to request new lessons and topics ?
You will be able to register requests for new lessons and topics. These will be reviewed by the content management team and if appropriate lessons will be commissioned.
+ Will there be more lessons added to the website ?
Yes. The website will be continually evolving with new topics and new lessons to existing topics added regularly.
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