BBC Radio Oxford - Monday 2nd February 2009.
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In Brief
Dave Murdoch emailed Louisa Hannan explaining our rise from redundancy to releasing a DVD & this website. He got a positive response back, a mere 12 hours later.

How did it go ?
Firstly, let`s put on record how accomodating and nice Lou was. Dave Murdoch states "Being my first radio appearance I was nervous, in the car in she informed the listeners about my interview and that merely increased the nerves. But, when I met her she made me feel very relaxed, and the whole experience was a big success, and I enjoyed myself."

The interview lasted about 9 minutes, with Dave explaining how the website and DVD grew from a small idea into a bigger and evolving product.

Final Word
Hits on the website were 400% higher than average for the Monday, and 200% higher the following day, so a big success. We even sold a DVD on the back of it. Many thanks to Lou, and BBC Radio Oxford.

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