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In Brief
In the Daily Mirror on Friday 28th November our Everyday Home Computing DVD was featured in the Consumer, YourLife section.

What was it ?
One of our original customers took the time to write into the Daily Mirror recommending our Beginners guide. With the phone number printed, we received a good number of orders on the back of this article.

The Article
It`s never too late to learn how to get online. Reader Jenny Walsh emailed to say: "Thank you for all the money-saving websites you print - I`m glad I can use a computer. I bought a good DVD called Everyday Home Computing for £14.50 (Just Do It Guides, tel: 01235 884884) that explains everything from using the Internet to Google. If you forget anything, you just rewind - so even OAPs like me can learn easily"

Final Word
A much welcomed recommendation from one of our customers.

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