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We formed the company in 2007, with the sole aim of helping the many people who are confused & dismayed by the IT Industry`s reluctance to give up it`s technical speak when communicating with its customers.

Whilst working in IT, we learnt a new language, which moved at a great pace, and we tired of it. It was our job to relay this onto the down to earth people who just wanted to do a job, without the jargon. We came across IT staff who were proud of the confusion and power they gained by talking with jargon, we became embarrassed by this, and decided to talk in plain English, excluding the un-necessary jargon and found it was appreciated and people learnt and understood our language.

Dave Roberts (top) and Dave Murdoch front the drive of the company. Most of our working careers have been spent in IT in a 1st and 2nd line support role in Blue Chip companies helping Computer Users to learn and gain confidence in technology by adopting a fresh approach.

To bring this approach on a personal level is impossible, so we embarked on a major project after being made redundant; an easy guide you watch and learn on a TV, in the form of a 6 hour DVD set, and this web site, which is going to be packed with all the advice you need to use your computer, and embrace the benefits it offers.

We plan to release further DVDs, using the same easy to follow guide, and to keep advancing this web site until we`re happy it`s satisfied your needs, and our initial aims.

We really would appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Please highlight to us what you`d like clarified, how we can improve and don`t forget to tell your friends about us. Let`s create a UK community, remove the technical blockage that has been created by the IT Industry, and give everybody the chance to enjoy their computer, and get the best out of it.

Thanks for spending the time today, and we look forward to working with you.

Dave and Dave

Dave Roberts taking a break, Just Do It Guides

Dave Roberts, Just Do It Guides

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